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Skiing Through a Wall of Weather

Today was the third day on trail for our Last Degree Ski team and they already have their camp systems dialled-in. They were on skis at 8:45AM; two hours after waking up. It was a beautiful bluebird day for the first several hours, but afternoon brought with it a wall of clouds approaching quickly from the horizon. Before long they were skiing in zero visibility (Jim Lumberg describes the experience in the AUDIO UPDATE). Luckily the clouds didn't last any they skied out the other side, back into sunshine... READ MORE

Getting Acclimatized on the Last Degree

The team had an excellent first full day on the ice today. As planned, they took the pace slow and skied for just under 5 hours covering 5 nautical miles, allowing several hours for rest and acclimatization in the afternoon. The weather has been stunning. -8°F in the sun this morning with a light wind from the South and mostly clear skies. After their afternoon naps, the guys gathered together for a dinner of whitefish, veggies, and pasta then settled down for the evening...READ MORE

First Steps on The Last Degree

The team was indeed able to fly to the Last Degree this morning! Everyone is excited and relieved to finally have their work in front of them. Jim Lumberg describes the day perfectly in the daily audio update so please listen for details. The temperature is -10°F with a light wind; Perfect skiing weather for the Antarctic Plateau! 


Another Day at Union Glacier

It has been another day of waiting for our Last Degree team, but not a day spent idly. The conditions were not favorable for a flight to the Last Degree so the team took advantage of the opportunity to explore the area surrounding Union Glacier Camp. They packed their sleds and skied out for a mock camp set-up where they set up tents, tested stoves, and melted some water. Back in camp, they had a nice bike ride around camp (yes the camp has a supply of bikes!) and overall enjoyed the experiences that Union Glacier has to offer. The tentative schedule for tomorrow is to fly to the Last Degree after breakfast! At that point 60 nautical miles of adventure will be standing between them and the bottom of the globe. Stay tuned for more updates and as always, listen to the AUDIO UPDATE below. 

On the White Continent

It was an exciting day for the Last Degree Ski team. They were picked up at 5:45AM and taken to the airport to board the flight to Antarctica. The plane went wheels up at 9:15AM and after a 4-hour flight, landed at Union Glacier Camp. The team got settled and had lunch with some of the teams that were waiting to fly back to Punta Arenas. Our team spent the afternoon exploring the camp, packing their sled bags, and taking their skis for a test drive. The weather is clear and calm at -11°C with no wind however it seems that there may be some incoming weather. The next step is another flight from Union Glacier to the 89th Degree where their journey will begin in earnest. Stay tuned for updates and listen below to the daily AUDIO UPDATE.

January 3rd Audio Update - Featuring Steve Moulds

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