The Polar Trilogy

The Polar Trilogy are the three most widely accepted classic "polar" expeditions. They are the North Pole Last Degree (or Full North Pole Expedition); South Pole Last Degree (or Full South Pole Expedition); and the Greenland Icecap Crossing. These expeditions have many similarities but they are remarkably different from each other. The North Pole's dynamic sea ice makes it much more unpredictable and potentially challenging than the South Pole or Greenland. The South Pole's enormous expanses, endless white, altitude and fields of sastrugi will challenge your body AND your mind. Greenland's vast interior is similar to Antarctica but it's location means the weather is always changing and storms are a regular occurance. 

Each of these three phenomenal expeditions are exciting, unpredictable, challenging and rewarding. To do them all gives you the honor of having completed the Polar Trilogy. 

We offer discounts to participants who register for all three expeditions at the same time. Contact us for more details!